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Flashing is the last line of defense against leaks. Flashing forms the intersections and terminations of roofing systems in order to prevent water penetration. Ensure that your roofing system will be resiliant and durable by enlisting the aid of Koch Konstruction.

Flashing a roof refers to the act of installing various waterproof materials in valleys, joints, edges, roof penetrations and any other gaps to prevent water damage or leaks. This form of protection is a necessary construction practice, and it's widely applied to commercial, residential and industrial structures.

Fortunately, modern technology has nurtured a broad variety of effective and affordable flashing materials. Copper is a common type of flashing due to its strength, solderability, appearance, malleability and high resistance to the elements. Its easy usability allows it to be installed in complicated valleys.

Other malleable metals like aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and galvanized steel are commonly used in roofing, and even softer materials like rubbers are sometimes applied. Roof penetrations — like plumbing vents or air ducts — are commonly wrapped with stainless-steel or rubber products.

Choosing the right material can be difficult, as it depends upon variables like the environment and whether or not adjacent roofing products will react chemically to specific metals. Koch Konstruction will evaluate your project and offer recommendations on the best materials for your roof.